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The Forest Priority Index

Our data-driven approach to reforestation.

We plant trees in forests around the world. While every project is meaningful, we’ve identified five key regions to focus our reforestation efforts. To do this, we use the Forest Priority Index to prioritize areas in greatest need.

Think of the Forest Priority Index as a formula that shows where trees can have the most impact. This formula looks at many factors, including how the region’s reforestation will impact climate change, wildlife, and indigenous lands.

Not all our reforestation work takes place in areas identified by this index, but it helps us be as intentional as possible in planting the right trees in the right places.

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An Urgent Need

In the face of deforestation, disease, wildfires, and extreme weather, the world needs trees now more than ever. Reforestation is one of the simplest and most critical things we can do to protect our planet.

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Stories from the Ground

The Fire That Sparked a Movement

In 1988, Yellowstone National Park was engulfed in flames. By the time the blaze was extinguished, nearly a third of its land was scorched. Explore how the work of replanting after this fire laid the foundation for national and international recovery efforts.

Learn how a historic Yellowstone fire informed forest recovery efforts around the world.